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trouble china japan was searching questions about the relationship between east and west has changed. markup. on al-jazeera. iran says it will begin reducing its commitment to the nuclear deal starting next month after the u.s. imposed a new round of sanctions. and maximum pressure the u.s. national security adviser john bolton says he believes it's the only way to get your iran to the negotiating table. hello and welcome i'm peter wu watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in tow also coming up palestinians boycotts the so-called deal of the century for peace in the middle east saying they dignity cannot report. a prime minister's
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tia's ethiopia mourning the loss of military leaders killed during a failed rebellion. iran's announced it will begin the 2nd phase of reducing its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal early next month after the us president almost from new sanctions against iran targeting the supreme leader the ayatollah ali khamenei and other senior officials the iranian president hassan rouhani has dismissed the measures as outrageous and idiotic and accused the u.s. of lying about being open to talks he said all the blame for the breakdown in the nuclear deal lines with the u.s. because it with through 1st. they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do this means the certain failure and defeat of the united states i do
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not have any doubt about that from a political viewpoint no white person would do what they're doing these days i feel that there is severe frustration and a big confusion among the u.s. leaders and the white house the u.s. national security advisor john bolton says the new sanctions are aimed at stopping iran getting nuclear weapons however the iranian foreign minister mohammad. is arguing that washington is being hypocritical after a threatened strikes over the downing of the american grow new got on the set the plan that you were really worried about $150.00 people how many people have you killed with a nuclear weapon how many generations have you wiped out with these weapons it is us who because of our religious use will never pursue a nuclear weapon al jazeera is in basra view with the latest from iran's capital tehran. leaders here in tehran will see any talk of dialogue coming from the
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united states is highly disingenuous and the latest sanctions by the united states really only make the situation worse now in terms of sanctions being placed on iran in practical terms there are already so many sweeping sanctions on iran as a country as a government by the united states that anything else is really nothing more than symbolic and even though these latest sanctions on the supreme leader are entirely symbolic it is that symbolism that iranians will find deeply insulting iran's supreme leader is a highly esteemed highly revered position here in the country anything considered an insult against ayatollah ali khamenei is also in a legal defense here in iran so no doubt this sort of pariah status being placed on him will do nothing more than escalate tensions between iran and the united states ok let's talk now. she's professor of u.s. middle east and politics at the university of essex she joins us on skype from the
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national and state welcome back to al-jazeera if there is to be a way forward that will take the temperature of this crisis where might it come from. well i mean at this point it would have to come from the u.s. making a huge u. turn which i don't see as very likely but it member it was the u.s. that decided to we never got on the nuclear deal even though we didn't have any evidence that iran wasn't complying with the deal and that's been one of the complaints of both democrats and even the former secretary of defense james mattis that iran was complying with the deal it actually was working trump decided he didn't like it they backed out of it and they've really pushed iran into a corner and when iran gets pushed into a corner it tends to sow chaos in the region and bolder steps take more risks and that's exactly what's happened why target the ayatollah khomeini with sanctions he doesn't leave the country we don't think he has
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a passport and on top of that the other layer to this layer cake is the way that other fiscal mechanisms are used to get around the strictures and the sanctions inside which iran has operated for so long now anyway it's symbolic it's really not about any sort of practical reason to target the supreme leader but in the end i think it's really going to backfire on the u.s. because this is really going to galvanize his supporters even further become more intense in their commitment that the u.s. in their view is imperialistic aggressive arrogant that they misunderstand the important symbolic of the supreme leader as the report had already mentioned ok with donald trump i think it be fair to say it's always about personalities and characters it's about people who get traction with him is that part of the reason people are speculating saying well in the next traunch of sanctions it will be the foreign minister who will be named. i mean i think the whole issue with travis he's
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so incredibly unpredictable it's hard to predict what he's going to do his mood changes from one day to the next one moment he's saying that he is going to destroy iran the next moment he's saying he wants to make iran great again that he wants to engage in talks the problem is i think trump completely misunderstands the iranian leadership they don't want a convenient photo op what they want is some real action to take place they want the same actions to be removed they want to return to the nuclear deal at this point it will take something a saving diplomacy on behalf of the u.s. which i see is very unlikely of happening in order to turn this situation around john bolton the u.s. security adviser he is in the region he's involved clearly with what's just about to take place in bahrain that's a slightly different story of course do you detect that he's trying to moderate who he is because we carried a news conference a couple of hours ago he was saying look i have written about this i have spoken about this a lot but that was in his former life before he was given
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a job by donald trump so he clearly perceives his position now as in acting and dissecting what donald trump says and does as opposed to what he used to do which was clearly want to tell donald trump or i should say let me moderate that advised donald trump what to do. well i mean he's backpedaling a little bit is he seeing sort of the reaction from the hawkish behavior of the hawks in that administration and of course he is the biggest talking ministration the no secret that he has wanted to attack iran and to encourage regime change for decades now he's he's been very very vocal about this he doesn't really give a reason as to how this is actually going to play out in practice but it's something that is part of sort of a new concerted conservative dream of his now he's trying to backpedal i think he thought he could control trump he can't completely control trump trump finds his sort of aggressive strategy to be operating at times he doesn't like to feel like
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he's being manipulated and it's possible that bolton is trying to calm the situation a little bit so that he doesn't get completely ostracized attention and stop thanks very much. the escalating tensions over iran have been high on the agenda at a meeting between russia israel and the u.s. in west jerusalem there the russian security council secretary told reporters that any efforts to present tehran as a threat to international security are unacceptable moscow says its military intelligence has showed the american drone was in iranian airspace when it was shot down meanwhile mr bolton has denied the u.s. is attempting regime change in tehran if iran gave up its pursuit of nuclear weapons its missile development program which is designed to create delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons and again the support for terrorism to stop this other line activities across the region would be very happy secretary contango
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last year gave a speech free listing 12 things i've given you for a certain expanded list that's the end game we want but it smith is joining us from west jerusalem with more on that story now. this is been something of a diplomatic coup for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to get 2 of the most significant players in middle east politics that's the u.s. and russia sitting around the same table here in jerusalem discussing mainly iran and syria and the ambitions certainly for the israelis and the americans is to impress on the russians the threat that they believe iran is to stability in the middle east iran's provocations which also include threats to and attacks upon american personnel and assets in the middle east are the extra manifestations of the central threat that iran poses namely its continued pursuit of deliverable nuclear weapons but the russians are making it clear they're not prepared to accept
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the u.s. view on iran's role in the middle east in comments to russian media before this trilateral meeting got going russia's national security secretary nick like a true shove he told russian media that 1st of all it was not enough evidence yet to say who was conclusively behind those attacks on the 2 tankers in the gulf and he's also said that the drone that was shot down the u.s. drone that was shot down by the iranians was in the rainy and as space and not outside iranian airspace as the americans say was palestinians are on a general strike across gaza to protest against the u.s. sponsored conference in bahrain aimed at ending the israeli palestinian conflict demonstrators say the billions of dollars and a 1000000 jobs offered by president donald trump means little if there is no political solution to a decades old conflict palestinians across the arab countries of hope protests in
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the lead up to the 2 day meeting in manama is due to begin in just a few hours time the white house special advisor is expected to unveil the economic part of his middle east peace plan was donald trump has called the deal. of the century matheson's in gaza city. it's estimated there are 2000000 people living in gaza at the moment that's about 5600 every square kilometer but the streets of gaza city are quieter this tuesday morning because there's a general strike which is opposed to the economic part of the u.s. plan to joy to find a solution to the israeli palestinian crisis according to palestinian official figures in 2852 percent of gazans didn't have jobs gaza's infrastructure is struggling on tuesday morning israel said it wasn't sending any fuel to gaza's only power plant and they said it was because gazans had been flying balloons carrying flares into israel in the hopes of setting fires. under the u.s.
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plan with gaza would be entitled to a share of about $28000000000.00 in investment that would be designed to rebuild the infrastructure and it hopes to create about a 1000000 jobs but people here in gaza say that's not the point the main priority for them is a political solution gazans say that the u.s. plan is designed to distract from the main political objectives the right to return to land which they say is theirs and the removal of controls put on them by mainly the israelis know the israeli say those controls are necessary to stop weapons coming to gaza that could be used against them but the gazans say those controls are at least in part responsible for the poor state of gaza's economy they say to remove the controls and the economy will improve for the people of gaza the important point is to find a political solution to this crisis and only then will they start talking about the
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money egyptian police have arrested $8.00 people in connection with the 2011 uprising and for their alleged ties to the muslim brotherhood the group includes the human rights lawyers. journalists and activists they're accused of plotting protests in the forthcoming anniversary of the soul the elected president mohamed morsi overthrown in a military coup at least 19 businesses linked to the muslim brotherhood were raided morsi died last week after collapsing in court. thousands of students in algeria demanding that all members of the political elite be removed from government now on friday the former prime minister. to form a industry minister has referred to a public prosecutor over allegations of corruption there been months of protests since the president abilities but if we could step down in april demonstrators want anyone look to him gone as well. still to come for you here on al-jazeera a new concern for human rights in myanmar following an internet blackout we'll
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speak with the un special rapporteur. and we'll look at some of the challenges facing albania as the european union for s'posed talks on it entering the e.u. . how low the weather remains and usually wet across southern parts of china so some very big thunderheads showing up across the south and the southeastern corner well the same as we go on through wednesday that wet weather still very much in place i'm hopeful as we go into thursday showers not quite as widespread they will be still pushing it was a southwestern corner northern parts of vietnam still seeing some lively downpours and notice some lobby downpours persisting over the next couple of days there across a good part of the philippines certainly into luzon plenty of lobby downpours across
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south asia the monsoon rains still struggling a little we have got some pretty heavy downpours into central and southern parts of india pushing across the other side of the burping gold in the northeast seeing some sickly heavy rain for the big downpours coming into this is such as a some good parts of the east the side of bangladesh 40 celsius in the heat there for new delhi touch warm as you go on into thursday by thursday however there's you can see still pushing up quite nicely there across much of the west and gets pakistani overhand staying dry cots and sunny dry hot and sunny to across europe and asia highs here in doha are 41 celsius why this day is hotter still with us today. in these year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport trade people in power travels to agadez to
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explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they're from you know to be given more going back to one place but why not build. europe migration on a 0. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera my name's peter dell b. these are your headlining stories the iranian president hassan rouhani has hit back at new sanctions imposed by the united states describing them as outrageous and idiotic he says washington is lying about wanting dialogue with tehran and the sanctions prove it. the u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton has denied america is pushing for regime change in iran mr bolton says america's end game is to pressure to iran into giving up its pursuit of nuclear weapons and support for terrorism. and palestinians have launched a general strike across gaza to protest against a u.s. sponsored conference and back rain washington is calling for a $50000000000.00 worth of investment as part of an israeli palestinian peace plan the palestinians say their freedom and dignity can't be bought. the un special rapporteur for human rights young lee says the army may be committing gross human rights abuses under the cover of a media blackout phone. average has been blocked a 9 ton ships in rakhine and chin states with no access to the internet. has called for the government to restore that coverage joins us live from rome on skype done healy what do we think the me and ma military may be doing well
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one can only guess what they're doing but judging from past experience in 20162017 when they call for a clearance operation we know what happened they drove out about 8800000 just to bangladesh and no no this is the 1st time they've ever declared an internet blackout this worries me very much and i think it's the international community as well the acting with impunity and are they acting with the green light of the civilian administration well i say they are acting with impunity but when it comes to clearance operations or anything curity issues the civilian dollop of government has absolutely no power over the military under the current constitution and therefore that's why there is a need for a constitutional reform but without
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a constitutional reform and the way the situation is now the military and the security forces can do whatever they want under the name of national security so many many people fled what happened 2 years ago so many many people now live in those those permanent refugee camps across the border cox's bazaar inside bangladesh how many people are left in rakhine state to victimize in this way if you've got it right. well we really don't know the exact number of the ranges left there's an estimate of about 350 to 450 iranian just left but i have to remind you that this clearance operation is not carried it against the row hinges this time it is geared against their rakhine who does community all the civilians and other ethnic minorities in the rakhine state. have you relayed these claims for reports to the relevant military authorities inside me and ma and if you have what
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was their reaction i have aids because they do not engage with me myanmar wants me replaced so they will not engage with me but i have through the media statements and releases and other means i have been able to i'm sure they have seen or heard what i have said through media releases and through twitter and other social media is there any other backed channel conduit that you have at your disposal that you could maybe utilize to get these claims to them not necessarily to get the reaction if only to get a confirmation or an outright denial i have know about ground backdoor conduit. the military i get i don't think anyone does have a backdoor conduit to the military people in the region pardon me for interrupting you madam but people outside the region might be thinking well here is one son
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suchi in all of this why we're not talking to her why is she not talking to the outside world about this. i'd like to know that too she had attended she is attending the conference of ministers and she has not spoken out about the issue in rakhine state when there were hinges were being driven out and now with the ethnic kind community she has not so worried about protection of the civilians and you know that in the past few months civilians have been killed they've been detained they've been killed in detention and children have been killed and these are ethnic rakhine and other minorities residing in rakhine state she has not said a word about these people either if you had the opportunity to direct a direct message at now what would that message be i would
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want you to see what is happening in the right kind of state for yourself why is this still happening in that northern rakhine state we started reporting on that story more than 2 years ago now or 2 years ago. then it was appalling from what you're saying you seem to believe it's still appalling and it's still happening i mean what's the mindset of the military is is there go to position a scorched earth scenario is that what they want to get to. oh yes we've seen it in the ninety's in northern and eastern part of. the scorched earth campaign and we have seen it we've witnessed it from to from different periods from 201-214-1617 which was the climax of the scorched earth but what i've always called comics to genocide and i will now like to say this has
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been a genocide in the making and it's still going on but now these clashes and this blackout is not focused against their own hinges it's a focus against its own other ethnic minorities the rakhine my nightie the not then they're not minorities they are the majority in rakhine state and this really troubles me because now they're at. attacking other civilians or all civilians whether they are or are there and we've seen this and catch it we're seeing this and kitchen in northern john there is still clashes there's still. internally displaced people right now we have about 335000 i.d.p.'s in the rocking state which are not really. ok understood young un special rapporteur for myanmar many thanks thank you. indian police arrested 11 people of the killing of
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a muslim who was allegedly tortured and forced into slogans in the northern states of elizabeth or on a much more now from the capital new delhi. 24 year old he was travelling in his home state of jock on last week when a group of men accused him of stealing a motion by tied him up and beat him for 12 hours before they handed him to police unconscious mobile phone video of the attack shows ansari being forced to chant hindu slogans bawling he's being beaten ansari is clearly distressed his family say he didn't receive proper medical care while in police custody despite their appeals they also say that they weren't allowed to see him police have now arrested 11 men suspended 2 offices for failing to act they has been an increase in attacks against muslims and other minorities since the hindu nationalist b j p came to power in
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2014 there is a candlelight vigil and rally planned here in the capital new delhi on wednesday for ansari and other victims of more than chains and that will call in side with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei as visit just days after the us released its annual report on religious freedom which it said today has been an increase enver the just violence and intolerance against minorities and dhea under the current government led by prime minister that. you see up is holding a state funeral for 2 generals including its military chief who were killed on saturday part of a feel good. region of police shot and killed the man they accused of leading the attacks hoarding us more now from. it's a national day of mourning as bids farewell to its military generals conan was killed on saturday shot dead by his bodyguard in his own. home mckown and was in
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the process of stopping a regional rebellion in the northern i'm higher state when he was killed another general was also shot and killed thousands attended the funeral service for both generals including friends of general mckiernan. no no no. no then you get that image of a criminal finish telling you what he has done for me my wish for his family and if you can people is that they can be consuls especially for the people off the grid now we are always crying 5 government officials were killed in the failed rebellion 2 were federal generals 3 were regional state leaders the man behind the attacks some a new siggy was shot and killed by security forces on monday and i'm hard a state he was the head of regional security as much as this is a time for the generals family to bid their farewells it's also time for the military to say goodbye we have several different branches of military present here
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we also have military attaché is it from the embassies around addus to pay their respects we also know that the prime minister ahmed is inside as well this general was one of the most protected individuals in the military his death has sparked fear about the security situation in the country. you know to know. when the country's chief of staff died it was a great danger and failure this kind of thing is not good for us in an exclusive interview the prime minister's press secretary told us abi ahmed is in full control of the military this is something that we need to assure terms of national security as well as regional security and particularly with regards to the incidents that have happened in the tibet the government is 100 percent in control and things have stabilized particularly within the region as well the government blocked the internet on saturday in the wake of the attacks and it's still off as an added security there's also a strong military presence in the capital the country is watching waiting to see
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what will happen next we are hard. al-jazeera at its abba. poverty and a declining population holding back albania as were all counties but farmers and even local mayors put the blame on national politicians who they say are only interested in helping their own supporters johnson rockness has more from scott in more than albania. really money works from dawn till dusk on his farm in chicago in albania as far north near the border with montenegro his only help comes from his son who takes their produce to market but the local population is declining and there are no longer enough consumers to buy solely moneys produce he's tried exporting it to montenegro which needs it and. if we load up a car with tomatoes and pomegranates and try exporter then we're arrested for smuggling outrunning jail. it's not a mountain equant guard to arrest us it's our own you can export things legally with paperwork but our authorities don't want to do it. money believes it's because
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she called the support of the opposition democratic party and the socialists who've been in perth for 6 years don't want to help. chicago suffers the lowest per capita income in albania which isn't already low $4500.00 a year and in the last 6 years it's a commie has suffered an estimated $30000.00 people have left the city to go abroad the problem say local officials is political. the mayor says not only is international investment not coming in albanian businesses and leaving intimidated by organized crime which goes largely unchecked by law enforcement or for a tease she says those same tactics of intimidation go all the way to the central government to feel the pressure it is their political pressure every day prime minister office if you don't not respect the cell that what they have affirmed as this edition of the prime minister office of the council of ministers i am going to
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go off. to girl total to the prosecutor's office and to say to you after this is that you are not doing this what i am seeing and based on that i am going to bring to the table this is not illegal. this cannot be seen by a politician. mayor daley is trying to stop the exodus of businesses and young people by subsidizing projects like this one which helps local artisans sell branded souvenirs one of those artisans is no beer truck day who weaves textiles on traditional looms partly thanks to the project she's now brought 10 other women to form a corporative together they bring in almost $2000.00 a month but their income is still just over half of what it would be in montenegro just 2 kilometers down the road so while the mayor's efforts are helping some people stay here many of the people of god continue to leave jumpstart hopeless al-jazeera god or.
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quick recap of his top story so far here today on al jazeera iran's announced it's to begin the 2nd phase of reducing its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal only next month the president hassan rouhani has described new sanctions imposed by the u.s. and idiotic the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is arguing that washington is being hypocritical after it threatened strikes over the downing of the american drone. palestinians are on a general strike across gaza to protest against a u.s. sponsored conference in bahrain aimed at ending the israeli palestinian conflict demonstrators say the billions of dollars and a 1000000 jobs offered by president on the front means little if there's no political solution to the conflict palestinians across arab countries held protests in the lead up to the 2 day meeting in manama is due to begin in just a few hours gerri crucial the white house advisor is expected to unveil the
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economic part of his middle east peace plan which donald trump the u.s. president has called the quote deal of the century. ethiopia has been holding a state funeral for the head of its military and outer suburb or who was killed on saturday the prime minister along with the president of joint thousands of mourners the military chief was killed during a failed rebellion in the northern region of howrah 4 other people died including the regional governor. has declared 3 days of mourning flags have been lowered to half mast in all government buildings more news on the web site al jazeera dot com martin is in the chair in 28 minutes i will see you tomorrow from 10 g. up next it's the stream i will see you very soon. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. the televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate
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change to foreign policy join is in miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st us democratic debates. i am so me ok i'm willing to be loud and here in the stream today will albania abandon democracy elections are sad for this weekend but an escalating political crisis could vote as a waste to eat us all in our live chat and you might be in the street. growing political tension in albania is putting the country's local elections in jeopardy and sparking violent demonstrations the questions bubbled over in february when the opposition democratic party withdrew from parliament since then opposition supporters happen protesting across a media demonstration as og.


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